Real Estate Mediation


I offer the following types of mediation:

  • Non-Disclosure 
  • Construction Defect 
  • Environmental 
  • Landlord/Tenant 
  • Homeowner’s Association 
  • Co-Owner Disputes 
  • Neighbor Disputes 
  • Tenants-In-Common Agreements  

Reasonable Rates

Rates range from $250 to $400 per hour plus conference room fees. Excellent conference room available in Marin; I can meet you in your location throughout the Bay Area; or we can hold the mediation by telephone or online meeting.

Finding a Win-Win

Mediation is about finding solutions so everyone can feel better than before they walked in the door, and can move on with their lives.  It is very satisfying to help people achieve this.

Professional Experience and Training

In addition to practicing as an attorney since 1988 and a real estate broker since 2004, Robin has had an ongoing interest and practice in mediation since 1999, currently specializing in real esate-related mediation.  Here is a summary of Robin's background.


  • Mediator,  Marin County District     Attorney’s Office, Consumer Protection Unit.  Provide volunteer mediation services to  consumers on a variety of issues including landlord/tenant, unfair business practices, homeowner’s associations, neighbor disputes, etc. 4 hours per week, Jan., 2017 to present.
  • Robin  Kohn Glazer, J.D., Mediator, Mill Valley, CA, 2000-2003, 2016-present. Provide paid mediation services to individuals and groups, including neighbor disputes, real estate disputes, business disputes. 
  • CONCUR, Berkeley, CA, 2000. Provided  multi-party mediation/facilitation services for environmental cases,  including stakeholder and issue analyses and meeting facilitation and  agreement-building, on projects involving flood control; CWA, CEQA, NEPA, ESA, CERCLA, and water rights issues.
  • Bar Association of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 2000-2001 – Provided  volunteer mediation services in a variety of business disputes.


  • Mediation Training,  Steven Rosenberg, San Rafael, CA. October, 2016. 40 hours. 
  • Community  Mediation ,  Mediation Services, Castro Valley, CA. October- November, 2000. 32 hours.
  • Managing  and Marketing your Mediation Practice, Sonoma State  University, Rohnert Park, CA , Eileen Barker, March, 2000. 16 hours. 
  • Is   Every Mediation Multicultural?, Northern California   Mediation Association, Corte Madera, CA. February, 2000. 8 hours. 
  • Alternative  Dispute Resolution, American Bar Association, San Francisco,   CA. January, 2000. 
  • Commercial  Mediation,   Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, Eileen Barker and Theresa   Carey, December, 1999. 16  hours. 
  • Dealing  Creatively with Mediation Tension, Northern California  Mediation Association, Corte Madera, CA, June, 1999. 4 hours.       
  • Facilitating  and Mediating Effective Environmental Agreements; Negotiating Effective Environmental Agreements, CONCUR, 1832 Second Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. May, September, 1999. 40 hours total.